Level 4 Diploma in Careers Information and Advice - details

OCR Level 4 Careers Standards (Please note, these are the standards for the new 04663 scheme - for anyone who starts/started after 31/03/2022. Should you be undertaking the qualification under the old scheme, please contact your assessor for copies of the standards)

To achieve this qualification, candidates must achieve a total of 45 credits made up as follows:

  • 30 credits from the 5 mandatory units in Group A

  • A minimum of 15 credits from the optional units in Group B The following tables contain the groups of mandatory and optional units.

By clicking on any of the unit titles below, it will open up the official OCR Standards for that unit in a new window

Mandatory Units (Group A)

Unit 1 - Preparing to work in the career development sector (6 Credits)

Unit 2 - Reflecting on practice and continuous professional development (6 Credits)

Unit 3 - Interact with clients to determine their need for career guidance and development (6 Credits)

Unit 4 - Meeting the career-related information needs of clients (6 Credits)

Unit 5 - Career choice theories and concepts to support clients (6 Credits)

Optional Units (Group B)

Unit 6 - Plan and deliver career-related learning in groups (6 Credits)

Unit 7 - Assist clients to review the achievement of career-related actions (3 Credits)

Unit 8 - Explore and agree how to meet the career-related needs of clients (6 Credits)

Unit 9 - Source, evaluate and use Labour Market Information with clients (3 Credits)

Unit 10 - Understand how to support specific client groups to overcome barriers to learning, training and work (6 Credits)

Unit 11 - Engage with other relevant people to help clients to meet their career development needs (3 Credits)

Unit 12 - Assist clients to apply for learning, training and work (3 Credits)

Unit 13 - Provide on-going support to clients (3 Credits)

Unit 14 - Promote career-related learning to clients (6 Credits)

Unit 15 - Negotiate on behalf of clients (6 Credits)

Unit 16 - Obtain and organise career-related information to support clients (3 Credits)

Unit 17 - Refer clients to sources of support to meet their needs (3 Credits)

Unit 18 - Prepare to deliver services to clients in an outreach setting (3 Credits)

Unit 19 - Operate within networks to support the delivery of the service (3 Credits)

Unit 20 - Manage a personal caseload/work responsibilities in the career development sector (4 Credits)

Unit 21 - Enable clients to develop and evidence their employment-related skills (6 Credits)

Unit 22 - Use digital technology in the career development sector (6 Credits)

Unit 23 - Plan, deliver and evaluate presentations (6 Credits)

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